Mattijs van Bergen

Mattijs van Bergen - Contemplation and Doubt for the exhibition The Grote Kerk Breda presents Royal Fashion Design, an exhibition featuring new creations by Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen. The exhibition will include his renowned ‘royal’ designs and a series of new pieces especially designed for the exhibition. The pieces are inspired by the strong women of the House of Nassau and the history of The Grote Kerk Breda. In particulair Johanna van Polanen and Engelbrecht II’s suit of armour. In this 6 min video Mattijs reflects on this & his creative process while making the dresses.


Production Company: Pastrami Film Co

Director: Dion Ghijsen
D.O.P.: Marc Scherpenzeel
Edit: Dion Ghijsen & Marc Scherpenzeel
Colorgrading: Wietse van Bezooijen
Sound Design & Music: Olivier Terpstra